3rd May 2014

I am grateful for the Threepenny Opera.

Picture: my view from the wings. Three very bright lights shining towards me, silhouetting Joey and Amelia at their keyboards.

I can’t quite believe this day has arrived. Rehearsals at Graeae and those first weeks in Nottingham suddenly feel very recent. I think it’ll take a bit of time to unpack- to use a JK phrase- this whole experience, but my overall feeling right now is that this project has changed me for the better and I’m going home with renewed energy, ready for the next big thing. I have learnt more than I can possibly explain over the last few months…but I thought I’d have a go!

Things I’ve learnt on tour:

1.  You learn a lot of stuff on tour.

2.  Jurys Inn housekeeping staff take their job very seriously.

3.  Access is everybody’s responsibility (I knew this already, but it’s always good to be reminded.)

4.  If somebody you respect describes you as ‘fearless’, you’d better live up to it.

5.  Absence does make the heart grow fonder.

6.  Coconut water cures all ills.

7.  Map reading is quite a helpful skill for an access worker on tour.

8.  I am not a good map reader.

9.  People love to talk about a wedding.

10.  When you’re working til at least 11.30 every night and doing very important socialising afterwards, you lose any sense of guilt about getting up after midday.

11.  Living in a hotel room between two singers is quite a lot like this.  It’s kind of glorious.

12.  A little walk every day makes a huge difference to the way I feel.  Even the littlest of walks.

13.  You can feel genuine love for a fictional horse.

14.  I imagine myself to be lower status than most people I meet.  I don’t know why this is but it isn’t always useful.

15.  Bassoons are awkward creatures.

16.  Jungle Speed is great.  I actually already knew this.

17.  Public transport in this country is a long way off being accessible.

18.  If you’re a vegetarian and you’re mostly eating in restaurants, you’re going to eat a hell of a lot of mushrooms.

19.  Gin is my friend. Wine is my enemy.

20.  Morrissey was right.  Shyness is nice but shyness can stop you from doing all the things in life you’d like to.

21.  If you say you are something, people won’t usually question it and then you’ll get to be it.  I feel like this is the case for things like ‘musician’, ‘actor’, ‘teacher’….probably not so much for ‘rocket scientist’ or ‘surgeon’.

22. Performers are really particular about food.    Jess Gow was right about milk.


23. My extremely good memory for words is both rare and useful.

24. I have to give myself a little bit of alone time every day to counteract being in a big group of big personalities.

25. Touring suits me, not least because I get to walk around new cities by myself.

26. Times when I feel the most invisible are often the times people notice me most.

27. I should sing every day. Why I have only just realised this, I have no idea.

28. Opportunities are to be grabbed.

29. If you can fly then you can fall. Also vice versa.

30. Sometimes you don’t realise you’re not ok until somebody asks you if you’re ok.

31. It’s important to be happy now. Just as important as it is to plan for happiness in the future.

32. Birmingham is much nicer than everyone says it is.

33. Ipswich isn’t much of a town but it has a hell of a theatre.

34. Patience is a virtue, and one not everyone possesses.

35. My eyes are amazing. I say this not in an ‘oh my gosh I feel so sad for blind people’ way (not least because Victoria and Amelia would probably beat me up), just this experience has made me aware of how much information I get from my eyes, and the difficulty there can then be in translating that into actual words.

36. Jollof rice is delicious.

37. If you ‘save’ your per diem by skipping dinner and then drink a bottle of wine, you will probably be quite poorly the next day.

38. It’s hard to do a job that looks easy.

39. I say “you should talk to John Kelly” at least once a week.

40. I think ‘this person should talk to John Kelly’ at least once a day.

41. I should probably get ‘TALK TO JOHN KELLY’ tattooed across my forehead.

42. I can eat hummus every day for three weeks and not get bored of

43. Even if I’m just sitting reading a book, I would always rather be backstage than in the dressing room during the show.

44. If something is beyond my control or not my problem, I’ve got a lot better at letting it go.

45. People have a terrible capacity for turning their feelings on and off at will.

46. I am very lucky that there are things in my life that I love more than performing. However, I must never forget that I do love it.

47. I have always wanted to come across as calm and sorted. Finally, I think I can sometimes, sometimes pull this off. Just sometimes.

48. Theatres have a lot of doors.

49. I am more patient, more knowledgeable, more fun, more energetic, more calm under pressure, more passionate and more silly than I thought I was.

50. As it turns out, I know most of the words to Gangsta’s Paradise.


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